Three forces needed for innovation to happen

How does innovation happen?

For me, it starts with the individual and organizations ability to detect and conceive ideas, the organizational structure needed to execute on those ideas and lastly, the market has to be ready to accept those ideas.

Here’s how Mr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger puts it:

Successful innovations require three major forces to come together. First is the creative and entrepreneurial capacity to understand what the market is ready for and be able to come up with the right ideas for new products and services. But, to develop and bring them to market, you also need the right ecosystem–including technologies, tools, production, sales channels, support services, marketing and finance. Finally, customers have to be ready to change, break with the past and embrace the innovative, new products and services.

Three forces needed for innovation to happen

Innovation is not a plug and model activity because its nature is to break from the past. Sometimes, like right now, the organizational structure must also be changed.

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