A lesson in co-creation

Felt like writing this post because I think it’s pretty awesome.


I use Evernote religiously so I was ecstatic to hear that on the EN blog today. Why do this? To improve the product of course. Evernote has some pretty passionate fans (including me!) who care deeply about the product because it’s useful and it’s become part of their daily habits.

It really is like your second brain so who better than the loyal fans to know what might make it a lot better? 











phil is done


When was the last time you heard a CEO answer people’s questions (all of them!) on a blog and even offer to chat by phone? Not everyday…You see forums, send us an email, a Twitter account, support phone but not the CEO on a ‘let’s improve the product Q&A’ ideation blog post.


Takeaway: If you’re a CEO and you’re interested in knowing what your customers think of your product, show it!