Disrupt yourself to change the game you play in


If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules. – Paul Arden


All a disruptor really does is change something from one state to another by breaking patterns. Google is a typical disruptor, they seek ways to ‘disrupt’ a familiar flow in how things get done to another and then change the rules by creating new ones that play in the new state.


Disrupt or be disrupted.

Like Google we must learn ‘to be disruptive’ starting with ourselves. We have to disrupt our own flow of how we do things, changing how we do them not just for the hell of it but because it’s the only way to stay relevant. This isn’t just for product development, marketing or sales, it’s looking at your business from 30000 FT and asking yourself: what can I change to be better and what can someone else change that could put me in a disadvantage?

A game-changer is a disruptor.


Where do you start.

– Be aware of governing schemas (mental models)

– Be aware of the patterns that shape behavior

– Be aware of the rules

– Be aware of trends

– Be aware of things that haven’t changed in awhile (rigid)


What do you do?

> Do the opposite

> See how you can change things from one state to another (ice to water)

> Blend it

> Find the in congruencies and make them congruent.

> Do the unfamiliar by making the common uncommon.

> Ask why?

> Ask what if?


A disruptor moves at a different pace than others, it constantly probes the system to get an insight because the faster this happens the more it learns and the faster it moves. Learn to fail fast and break away from everybody!


How are you disrupting yourself? How about your business? Who’s disrupting you?