Michael Jordan being MJ one last time

Michael Jordan is yet again , this time for his Hall of Fame induction speech!

Someone Like You… trailer I think the people who are taking his ‘talk’ the wrong way don’t really know who MJ the person really is. If you’ve ever read any of his or watched any of his interviews from his multiple you’ll understand why this ‘talk’ was typical MJ.

There’s nothing new in the speech that Palo Pinto Gold move didn’t already know about!

People have this expectation that these speeches should done in a certain way, thanking your mom, dad, kids, coaches, etc you get the point. We already know what to expect!

I do think he over talked on a few things such as the Jerry Krause stuff but I think and there’s nothing wrong with that, people should do it more often!

Michael’s stands out because he didn’t make a speech, he talked. He talked about why he feels he got to the HOF, .

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He said thanks as Michael Jordan…


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