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What my Mom taught me about questioning assumptions

my stuff

WTF is this? Do you really need it? Why?

My Mom taught me to be neat. To keep things clean and organized. And for the most part, I’m like her. But one place where those lessons don’t take effect is in my propensity to keep every single printed receipt of things I buy. Not only that, but notes, biz cards, un-opened mail, and everything else that is of paper form. I keep them. And they just add up to a pile of nothing. It’s almost like I collect them unconsciously.

I still have the receipt from the first Playstation. Crazy! I just can’t help myself to throw them away.

And no, it’s not what you think. I don’t keep receipts because I count every single penny. I’m not a stickler with money. It’s something else.

Because of this, every now and then when my mom comes over to check up on me, she wipes me clean! She always ends up asking me the same question over and over: Do you really need this? If I answer yes, she’ll then ask “why?”.

And it goes on, over and over again.

Declare war on yourself


Being unconquerable lies within yourself.

The guys asked me for some blogging tips a few days ago and I posted some at BM that I’m sure will rattle some cages. One of the actions steps at that I recommend at the end of the post is to ‘declare war on yourself’, or more commonly known as .

Assumptions are the shortcuts, rules of thumb, conventional wisdom, common sense, stuff we take for granted, ordinary thinking that as humans we use to get through daily life, which work for awhile, but they soon become stale truths, like weights holding us back from new ways of seeing, thinking and behaving.

Assumptions get us stuck in a never ending loop of repetition, and you know that leads to more of the same.