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Share your definition of innovation…no really share it.

Yesterday after I posted the what is innovation post I found out through Twitter that @jonburg Obsessed download has his own project going to create a crowdsourced definition of innovation and then publish and ebook about it.

To participate please do one of the following:

  • Submit your one line definition of innovation here
  • Innovation is…
  • Innovation means…
  • Tweet your definition of innovation and include the hashtag #Novate

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All answers will be published in his ebook Innovation in 2009.

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What is innovation?

Last week a discussion started on Twitter on defining innovation. Folks chipped in their own definition of innovation and there’s some great responses so far.

To me:

innovation is an invention that changes the way we do things and that has a social or economic impact on the world.

If you have your own definition of innovation send to @toddschnick and add hashtag #idef140 and then vote for the best definition of innovation.

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