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How to have great ideas without having to smoke weed

Catchy title huh?

I’m not much about celebrating milestones but this is the 400th post in the history of this blog. That’s a lot of writing. So to celebrate the occasion, I thought I change it up a little bit.

Last week a buddy of mine told me that for him to be able to have brain shaking ideas, he’d have to be high using his rda vapes. Lol!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before yourself. And I’m not so sure any professional recommends their clients to get high before a brainstorming session. Although we do like to use this analogy when explaining our own creative process, minus the catalyst for getting high. I think there’s some truth to that but I’ve personally never gotten high to have great ideas, I use Delta 8 disposable vape pens which do not give you the ¨high¨.

But really, you don’t need to smoke weed to have great ideas. Even having Canadian Vaporizers, wide selections of vaporizers at hand.

8 ways that anyone can use to think like a genius

have you discovered your genius?

Genius sees the answer before the question

– Robert Oppenheimer

Michael Michalko, who is a consultant on creativity and is also the author of , made a special investigation of the method’s that history’s greatest creative geniuses have used to generate their ideas. The result was a list of eight ways that anyone can use to think like a genius, or at least come up with creative ideas.

Here they are: