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How to have great ideas without having to smoke weed

Catchy title huh?

I’m not much about celebrating milestones but this is the 400th post in the history of this blog. That’s a lot of writing. So to celebrate the occasion, I thought I change it up a little bit.

Last week a buddy of mine told me that for him to be able to have brain shaking ideas, he’d have to be high using his rda vapes. Lol!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before yourself. And I’m not so sure any professional recommends their clients to get high before a brainstorming session. Although we do like to use this analogy when explaining our own creative process, minus the catalyst for getting high. I think there’s some truth to that but I’ve personally never gotten high to have great ideas, I use Delta 8 disposable vape pens which do not give you the ¨high¨.

But really, you don’t need to smoke weed to have great ideas. Even having Canadian Vaporizers, wide selections of vaporizers at hand.

The Qualities of a Creative Genius Mind

So you want to think like a genius?

I gave you a head start on the last post I wrote , which I hope you’ll find handy.

Not enough?

If you like mind maps like I do, you need to check out Adam Sicinski. He uses mind mapping methods to create visual IQ matrixes of the information he presents on his blog posts. Sweet!

He has a developed a very useful mind map of the essential qualities for outside the box thinking in a blog post titled .

I’ve put the qualities of a creative genius mind below for your thinking pleasure but read the full post, it’s good stuff!

  • Flexibility: A Creative Genius is flexible in thought, opinion and in the decisions they make on a daily basis. Flexibility naturally encourages “outside the box” thinking which expands possibilities and opportunities.
  • Possibility Thinker: A Creative Genius persistently thinks about the possibilities that are available to them at any one moment in time. They fully understand that focusing on “possibilities” will expand opportunities, conversely, paying attention to “limitations” will only attract a greater array of problems into their lives.
  • Risk Taker: A Creative Genius fully understands that without “risk” there can be no worthwhile rewards. They therefore take risks by thinking differently, by taking chances, and by utilizing creative techniques and strategies in a unique, untried and unorthodox manner.
  • Focused: A Creative Genius is fully focused and locked mentally on the goals they seek to achieve. They dare not break this lock until the moment their objectives are fully realized within their physical reality.
  • Imaginative: A Creative Genius utilizes the full capacity of their imagination to bend the laws of reality to find the answers and opportunities they need to overcome the challenges in their life.
  • Dedicated: A Creative Genius is fully committed and dedicated to the outcomes and objectives they seek to achieve. They simply will not allow distractions or circumstances to push them off course. If however they do get sidetracked, than they are quick to adjust their sails to the changing winds and alter their course accordingly.
  • Patient: A Creative Genius realizes that creativity is a process that involves patience and careful preparation. They don’t try to force answers, instead they proactively make slight adjustments in their approach to open up new perspectives and understandings that will unlock the solutions and opportunities they have been searching for.
  • Proactive: A Creative Genius is constantly moving forward towards their objectives. This doesn’t mean being “action oriented” 24/7. However, it does mean focusing your body and mind on tasks and activities that keep you moving forward towards your goals consistently every single day. They always ask themselves “Is this activity taking me closer to my goals, or is it pulling me away?” The answer redirects their thinking and actions towards their creative objectives.
  • Courageous: A Creative Genius is courageous in action and thought. They are always willing to try new things and break the rules and boundaries limiting the average mind. And it is for this reason that the impossible becomes possible within their perspective of reality.
  • Independent: A Creative Genius is an independent thinker and doer. Yes, they seek other perspectives, ideas and opinions, however in the end, it is their independence that allows for the flow of unique, insightful and creative ideas.
  • Intuitive: A Creative Genius is a very intuitive soul. They fully understand that some answers can only be realized when they have an intuitive understanding of the world and the problem they are facing.
  • Persistent: A Creative Genius is fully aware if they persistent long enough over a consistent period of time, that every problem can be solved in a surprising and creative way. For this reason they bring forth a resilient attitude to every challenge confronting their reality.
  • Curious & Playful Nature: A Creative Genius approaches every task or activity in a curiously playful manner. Reminiscent of a child learning something new for the very first time. A Creative Genius fully appreciates that only curiosity and playfulness is able to relax their mind and bring forth its fullest creative potential.

Check out Adam’s blog for more !

8 ways that anyone can use to think like a genius

have you discovered your genius?

Genius sees the answer before the question

– Robert Oppenheimer

Michael Michalko, who is a consultant on creativity and is also the author of , made a special investigation of the method’s that history’s greatest creative geniuses have used to generate their ideas. The result was a list of eight ways that anyone can use to think like a genius, or at least come up with creative ideas.

Here they are: