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Does your idea stand on its own?

So you got an idea and you want to communicate it.

Part of testing ideas is finding out if your idea is replicable and whether others can teach it.

We need to find out whether acceptance of an idea is dependent on its being associated with a particular charismatic individual (YOU), or whether it can stand on its own.

How many times have your heard some consultant show up and give a humorous and brilliant hour long keynote that gets everyone stirred up, but when the dust settles, nothing has changed.

The fact that some people can charm an audience and have people hanging on their every word is not a test of value of their ideas. The real test is whether a person’s ideas can in turn be presented by others and get the same positive results.

You might be communicating a great idea, but if it can’t stand on it’s own you’re not doing much.

So what should you do?

Easy! have someone else present your ideas and see what gets transmitted.

If you’re the magic sauce of your ideas and they only flourish in your immediate presence, your idea may not be sustainable yet and might need further development.