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Anticipatory computing: Welcome to the Age of Efficiency

anticipatory computingTechnology powered by artificial intelligence is enhancing our daily routines; making us more efficient. Here are my thoughts on the coming Age of Efficiency.

Monitoring, tracking and anticipatory capabilities are the key functions offered by apps like Google Now that to do so require that we give them access to all of our data. A recent review of apps that aim to read our minds mentions a situation where tech pundit and author of The Age of Context, Robert Scoble, “won at life” because Google Now alerted him that one of his flights had a problem, it then showed him alternate flights to rebook; all through Google Now’s interface.

Innovation Book Review: Disruption Revolution

disruption revolutionDiversity breeds innovation, and as I stated a few weeks ago when I shared with you a list of 10 books about innovation that I recommend you read, it is best for you to look far and wide about the type of content that you read.

Right now, the hunger for anything innovation is huge. There are enough sources that it is hard to decide what to follow and what not to read! In the last few months I’ve read material from other authors that just isn’t innovative. It’s just repackaging.

How many more books about innovation does the world need?