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New ideas don’t drop from the sky. They’re already here

Thinking is making distinctions and new ideas come from making sense of these distinctions.

‘I find it difficult to get new ideas, you always seem to come up with ideas so you do it’. This is something I hear all the time, it’s not difficult to get new ideas is. Check out what happened to me yesterday just from listening to an interview and see how simple it is to get new ideas:

Yesterday I was watching the Techcrunch , as I’m sure many of you were too. Near the end of the interview, when asked about Yahoo being in the search business, Bartz responded: ‘as far as I’m concerned search is a commodity business’.

That’s when it hit me! Because I hadn’t actually thought about search as a commodity, but just hearing her point of view got me thinking not just about the search business but about other businesses.

And that’s the point, it got me thinking in a new way. It spurred some new thoughts about something that is relevant to businesses.