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To innovate recognize when the system you are in is stuck

Last year, I wrote that a smart way to spot opportunities for innovation is to look for ‘undeniable truths’. Situations, ideas, statements that cause people to nod their heads in agreement.

And to make my point, I used a cartoon from The Oatmeal about why customer service sucks. Well, here’s another one (they do come in handy don’t they?) about why restaurant websites suck:

Must read innovation stories of the week: Mental models determine business models

Much like humans have mental models that determine their beliefs about how the world works, businesses have business models that do the same. And, just how us humans get stuck in our own thoughts if we don’t feed ourselves new experiences, business models become irrelevant when they don’t evolve.

, and this means you have to start with the culture in your organization and how they view the world. You need to work on questioning the assumptions your culture has about how the world works, so it can start thinking about how it can work better for you.

. Want a new business model? Check your mental model first.