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Leadership Lesson: A vision has to give people goose bumps

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As leaders we have to be able to paint a picture in people’s minds, shape the future and to bring it to the present.

A dream is also a vision

I was at a recent New Leadership workshop with a client down in Mexico and one of the exercises is what we call a dream-o-graph, where people grab pictures from a magazine that make up whatever their dream is. They then have to paste those pictures on a whiteboard and then share their dream with everyone.

It turns out this was an interesting exercise because most people would break into tears, get goose bumps or have a hard time holding their emotions.

It was an incredible and humbling experience.

Leadership Lesson: Don’t lay bricks. Build a cathedral

Bold compelling visions bring everyone together on a real purpose

I was going through the SmartBrief on leadership newsletter this morning and found a interesting read on a great , CEO of Ford.

Mr. Mulally was interviewed by the NYTimes, and was asked about what leadership lessons he had learned over his career. The gem that caught my attention was as story of the importance of having a vision: