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Join me on #innochat for a discussion about Overcoming Innovation Inertia

A few weeks ago, I published a post that got some decent reaction from peers. Titled “Law of innovation inertia“, I touched on the topic of copying approaches that have worked for other companies. My stance is that one should think for themselves, develop a point of view, and then look for ideas elsewhere based on that point of view.

This, of course, is rarely the case. Businesses copy and paste based on the success of others, not because of their own unique strategy.

Anyway, this Thursday 12 at 9 AM PT, I’ll be joining #innochat to discuss the topic of how to overcome innovation inertia further.

The suggested questions as starting points for our discussion are:

Law of innovation inertia

Imagine if two people were given the same slides, reports, diagrams and the like, and were told to craft a unique strategy for the company. To do that, both would be put in separate rooms where they will be given 4 hours to work. After the 4 hours, both people come out from their respective room and present the same conclusion.

There are two ways to look at a situation like this: