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What 7 calls to GoDaddy can teach you about Innovation

For the last two days I’ve been transferring my blogs/websites from Blue Host to GoDaddy. My blog has been down since Sunday night and I just got it to work 15 minutes ago. Incredible isn’t it?

I’m writing this because I called GoDaddy a grand total of 7 times. And all 7 times I got different reasons as to why my blog wasn’t coming up. Incredibly, everything was resolved in the last two calls. About an hour and a half between them.

Thank GOD!

Anyway, what is incredible about this is that it was a simple problem that I could have resolved myself had I looked at the problem through the eyes of naive techie. Why? Because it was a basic techie issue. One file. That was it. Just one file. Programming 101.

The imitate to benefit syndrome gets you nowhere

Every once in awhile, I get an email that asks me to give out ideas (strategy) that previous clients used to achieve a particular goal. I’ve attached part of an email conversation below. It only explains part of the story, but let’s just say that I’m being asked for a secret recipe that they can plug-and-play and voila!

I can give you this information, but it’s no use to you because if all you want is to try to copy their success, let’s just say you’re going nowhere.

Best practices that worked for someone else don’t necessarily mean they’ll work for you. You shape your business based on your own strategy that works to your unique mix of strengths and weaknesses.