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Innovation Book review: Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire

stoking innovation bonfire book

I had the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of  Braden Kelley’s (@innovate) new book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire a few weeks ago and I just finished reading.

While other books take a more high level approach to innovation, what I noticed is different with Braden’s book is his focus on eliminating the obstacles that prevent innovation from happening in an organization. This approach is easier to digest for the layman because it’s focused on anticipating problems they’ll immediately relate to as opposed to other books that take a more ‘big ideas’ approach. And there’s not a lot of the jargon that plagues other books on innovation.

The book has easy to follow checklists, summaries and simple to understand innovation use cases that you can come back to and won’t lose a beat. It covers the important stuff such as how to embed innovation into your organizational culture and how to sustain it.

Braden also added useful frameworks at the end of the book to provide the reader a solid road map to start with. It’s this practical approach that gives the book it’s value. You’ll just get it!

Whether you work in a big or small organization, Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire is a must read for both novice and experts alike. And with the need to get educated in the art of innovation and making it an integral part of your organization, Braden’s book should be on your reading list. Go get it!

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