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5 Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Blogging

5 Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Blogging

I’m fast approaching the 10 year anniversary of Game-Changer in a few weeks. Yes, I’ve been writing here for 10 years! Time flies. I remember when I started blogging and had 16 different topical blogs at one point; insane. That was me finding my way around my interests and deciding what to focus on and learning how to blog with a how to create a blog article; otherwise I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Thank you for reading The Game Changer blog

I want to thank you for reading, commenting, retweeting and adding to the discussions we’ve had here in the last few months. October was a record breaking month for the Game-Changer blog!

I also want to thank for contributing his valuable guest posts to the Game-Changer because he’s a got a lot to do this with this no doubt.

Again, thank you for your time.