Lead. Don’t Compete

This is a quick post I’m writing for a friend of mine who’s in the middle of a leadership challenge

It’s easy to look at what others are doing and copy that. It’s easy to follow what already works. It’s all easy, no need to think about it.

But you know what isn’t easy?


Innovation is another code word for leadership

Leading is a whole different ball game. Innovation separates leaders from followers; Steve Jobs said that. He’s right. Leading means having a point of view, a perspective, a vision of what you believe should exist in the world.

It’s easy to settle. But true leaders are bold; they never settle.

Nowadays, there’s a new business that pops-up on a daily basis that offers more of the same offering. Most of these business are rarely original business concepts, and what they all have in common is similar business models and opinions.

That’s your opportunity to escape competition.

So lead, don’t compete. If done correctly, you can occupy a space where you are the only player. Ask yourself: why would you want to be the best, if you can be the only one?

Bottom line: Don’t be the best, be the only one who does what you do.