Let’s Chat! Be A Guest On My Podcast

hungry minds

Calling all Hungry Minds!

About 5 years ago I started an offline meetup where me and a friend would each invite an interesting person to teach us something; I called it the Hungry Minds. It started as intellectual networking and just learning from someone else; there is no business card exchange. But it evolved into a brainstorm and support group. For example, we asked ourselves some of the following questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why is that interesting to you?
  • What’s your perspective on it?
  • How are you approaching it and why?
  • What’s happening in your corner of the world that people should know about?

Hungry Minds is about learning. One core principle is “Teach me something”, which I want to extend to you.

Teach me something

Two years ago I decided to extend the Hungry Minds concept to my blog. So I started a podcast, called the Big Bang. I started the podcast to have an additional channel where I share thoughts about the possibilities created by emerging technologies with guests and occasional co-hosts.

Initially it was me and my co-host discussing interesting topics; the next stage was having guests. And since I’m always meeting new people and talking about the things they’re doing, I decided to make these conversations a part of my podcast. So lately I’ve focused on having guests share their knowledge and perspective on the things they’re excited about and working on.

Having guests is important to me because I love learning; the more perspectives I can add to my mental toolbox the better I’ll be. I also like to support talented and passionate people who I believe should be talked about; so I’ve focused less on inviting people who are well known and more on people who you should know about.

With that said, here’s an open invite to you to be a guest on my podcast. Do you have something worth talking about around emerging technologies?

Great, let’s chat!

All you have to do is comment on this post, share this post and tweet me @jorgebarba with a topic idea!

I hope to meet you here and have a great chat.

You can subscribe and find all the episodes of the podcast on my YouTube channel, and you can also find them here on my blog.