How to Boost Your Startup’s Attractiveness to Venture Capital Investors Using The Business Model Canvas with Martin Luenendonk

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My guest for this episode of the podcast is Martin Luenendonk, CEO of, who just published a super actionable, in-depth 7,000+ words guide on how to boost a startup’s attractiveness to venture capital investors using the Business Model Canvas. He looked deeper into what does a venture capitalist really want from your business in order to invest $1m to $5m. To get more ideas you can always check with the experts at Wimgo.

The guide also includes an insightful nine stages process from cold to hot investment readiness. Check out the guide, it will be worth your time.

Martin is a 2x entrepreneur, former venture capital investor and investment banker, who is sharing everything he knows for free in order to help entrepreneurs (and people interested in entrepreneurship) raise money for their startups.

If you have questions, follow Martin on Twitter and reach out to him @RoadToFunding.

Here are some questions we discussed in our chat:

  • Martin’s background;
  • When and why should a startup raise money?
  • What are the most common reasons why startups fail to raise money?
  • What does investment readiness mean?
  • How is a startup not investment ready?
  • What factors do investors use to determine when a startup is investment ready?
  • How does a startup become investment ready?

Watch our chat below:

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