The Industrial Internet and Internet of Things with Nico Adams

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What does the future look like in a world where everything is connected to itself and the internet?

My guest for this episode of the podcast is Nico Adams, Product Manager and senior research scientist in CSIRO’s Data61 business unit, where he assists Australian (manufacturing) businesses to leverage modern information technology, the industrial internet and and Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Internet of Things is one of the essential technologies that will drive industries in the Next Economy. Connect with Nico on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here are the questions we discussed:

  • What is the internet of things and why does it matter to businesses?
  • If there a difference between IoT and Industrial Internet?
  • Talk to me about i-Manufacturing, or internet enabled manufacturing
  • How does IoT affect business models?
  • How does it affect organizational structures in terms of new roles? From a consumer point of view, why does IoT matter, what effect will it have in our day to day?
  • Beyond the obvious industries like farming, architecture, automotive, energy – what other industries are being transformed and how?
  • How does a business get started with IoT?
  • What are the challenges for a company looking to enter the IoT market?
  • What are the factors for success for a business entering a market with IoT?

Below is our conversation:

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