Rohan Light On Forecasting And Data Analytics

forecasting and data analyticsWe live in world in flux, various trends are crashing into each other to create heaps of data that most businesses are only just starting to discover. Forward thinking businesses that are innovation driven have established a capability for capturing and interpreting the data, turning insight into game-changing ideas.

But most businesses are still lagging, big time.

And as businesses are in state in flux, they are trying to set themselves up for success by using forecasting and data analytics. With me today to discuss forecasting and data analytics is Rohan Light, co-founder of Decisv, a management consulting company that provides risk-based, decision-focused foundation management to enterprises and startups. Also,  talking about contacting a professional big data consultancy for more information on business management.

The topic of this episode came about because of a comment Rohan left on my post about how to be a better forecaster. In this episode we discuss his comments, and also how we need to short-circuit human bias before playing with data.

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