What book changed your life?

the origin of species charles darwinEveryone has a favorite book, but how about one that changed your life? Typically you get asked about your favorite books about a specific topic, or books in general; but never about a book that changed your life. Well, somebody asked me this question recently, I’d never thought about it before. 

Though the question caught me by surprise, I had a very quick answer: The Origin of Species.


I’m not easily inspired by mere words, but by actions. So, when I first heard about Charles Darwin in primary school, I remember being mesmerized by the actions of this one person. I thought it was so cool that he set out to discover and understand the diversity of species on a 5 year trip across the globe.

And that’s the reason it changed my life: it resonated with me, I empathized with Charles Darwin’s curiosity and determination. Like something to strive for, committing yourself to do something important for humanity.

So there you go, a little tidbit about me.

Your turn, what book changed your life?