Failure isn’t the goal, it is a means for innovation

innovation at google x

Last week I wrote about how you can ask yourself one question to innovate how you innovate: What can we learn from ___company___ about __challenge__?

I then posted some ideas from Amazon and Google that help them drive innovation, which you can use for inspiration. Well, here’s another idea you can use to get you thinking, and it may sound like a cliche but it is really the principle that sets any innovative company apart from non-innovative ones: reward failure.

Not because failure is the goal. It isn’t. Failure is a means to an end: innovation.

Google’s Innovation Lab, Google X, understands this idea and it rewards failure. That is the driving idea behind their moonshots strategy. I fully believe their employees wouldn’t go all out if it weren’t so…

Fast Company was granted an exclusive look behind the scenes at Google X, checkout the video below to get a snippet of how Google X works:

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