What is the easiest way to motivate someone to innovate?

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To make a discovery, to invent something that connects with people inevitably requires time and effort. This often entails years of experimentation, various setbacks and failures, and the need to maintain a high level of focus. You must have patience and faith that what you are doing will yield something important.

For this alone, whether you like something or not, you must have passion attitude, passion and resolve. If you’re not passionate about what you are doing, you will run out of energy and interest. There are many great ways to motivate yourself, but a daily reminder or message on the wall is one of the best techniques. Many have found success from these which anyone can have printed on a canvas. There is a company – https://printsuccess.co – that can take care of printing a message on a canvas for you so everyday is a step closer to your goals.

With that said, the easiest way to motivate someone else to innovate is to ignite passion their passion. Sometimes, all it takes is that you be passionate for others to follow along. Another way to motivate someone, is to stoke the fire in their belly. How?

We all have quirks about what annoys us. We all think critically about something that we think sucks. Your job, as leader, is to find out what that is:

Of course, just because you believe something sucks and annoys you, doesn’t mean you will effectively do something about it. There has to be an obsessive element to it, and most people don’t have this. On top of it, it takes discipline, conviction and determination to take the long view and stand up for it.

Bottom line: to motivate someone to innovate, find out what they are passionate about. What they dislike, what they are not satisfied with, what intrigues them, what they obsess about. Then offer to help them fix it 🙂

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