Help nominate Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012


It’s that time of the year again. Time to nominate the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012.

Here is my list of Nominees in no particular order:

  1.  @practicallyrad
  2. @dscofield
  3. @timkastelle
  4. @Digitaltonto
  5. @InnovationFixer
  6. @MarkTruelson
  7. @Paul4innovating
  8. @ovoinnovation
  10. @Kaihan
  11. @Brainzooming
  12. @chuckfrey
  13. @greggfraley
  14. @Jabaldaia
  15. @nilofer
  16. @ralph_ohr
  17. @bankervision

If you’ve been around Twitter or browsed through Innovation Excellence, you will be familiar with most of these people. I added a few new faces which you may not recognize because I think they don’t get enough attention.

With that said, if you believe I should be nominated too, I will appreciate it if you as a Top 40 Innovation Blogger of 2012.

Thank you for visiting and I wish you a fabulous 2013!


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