Getting physical: The next step in customer disservice

I’ve been hitting on this topic for the last two weeks here and here. And, I think a trend is beginning to emerge from both sides of the ball. On the service provider side, employees attacking customers because they are unmotivated and frustrated with their own jobs.

On the customer side, we are seeing customers take physical action because they are frustrated.

Bottom line, we all complain.

Check out what I noticed recently from people I follow on Twitter and Facebook:

delta airlines sucks

That should be enough for you to get the idea.

Customer disservice

Companies are ignoring social media as a vehicle for consumer complaints. Recent research found that 70% of customer complaints on social media are ignored. I’ve argued before that this is an opportunity for other companies to seize the opportunity to lead the sheep away and steal customers from their ignorant competitors. I expect to start seeing companies fight for dissatisfied and frustrated people in the near future.

And, it’s not just established companies who can do this. But also startups. And boy are people asking for help through social media. Their expectations though, are not being met.

If companies continue to ignore frustrated customers, complaints and frustration may start to become more physical too. Checkout the video below and see for yourself:

Frustrated because of ongoing problems with his bill, this man went on a rampage in a T-Mobile store. You might not agree with his actions, but when you feel helpless this is bound to happen. There is only so much that people will put up with.

First, people start complaining about their ongoing frustration on social networks. What’s next, people taking matters into their own hands like this man?

It could be.

Maybe we’ll start seeing companies “bail out” prospects from jail if this continues. Maybe Sprint or some other Telco will bail out this guy from jail on work with him to adopt their service. Now that’s something we’ve never seen before. It could happen!

What do you think, is physical action going to become the norm if this customer disservice continues?

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