Innovation = Creativity – Cynicism

What is the mathematics of innovation? Below is an excerpt from the book Emotional Equations by Chip Conley:

Fear is the most prevalent and contagious emotion in most companies, especially in bad economic times. Fear is a demotivator, and it has a corrosive effect on creativity and innovation. If we were to transfer this equation [Joy = Love – Fear] into the corporate world, it might be:

Innovation = Creativity – Cynicism

Innovation is joy. Creativity is love. And cynicism, which breeds conformity, comes from fear. Companies that fall into a fear cycle aren’t able to develop the creativity that fuels an innovative organization primed to adapt to our evolving world. These dinosaur companies, stuck in fear, will become extinct in the twenty-first century. So, joy, love, and fear are just as relevant to your work live as to your love life.

Too simplistic?

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