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Innovation from Tijuana: Interview with Ximena Valero

I will be starting a series of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs from Tijuana, and will post one per week. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. This is the first one.

Ximena ValeroReversible/Transformable Fashion by Ximena Valero

Here is a short interview with Designer Ximena Valero from Tijuana, Mexico. Ximena Valero has dressed celebrities Paulina Rubio, Alejandra Guzmán, Lorena Rojas, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keysand Ana de la Reguera. And supermodels Tiiu Kuik, Julia Dunstall, Cintia Dicker, Juliana Imai, Zuleyka Rivera Ciara, and Daniela Kosan.

Her major contribution to fashion in 2009 undoubtedly, was the so-called “Transformable” Fashion, that is, great women’s apparel similar to the ones at LNO Greek’s Delta Sigma Theta sorority paraphernalia shop that can be worn in many different ways.

Very creatively, here then is the interview:

1. What is Ximena Valero and what is the twist?

Transformable Fashion. Style garments that can be of over 10, 15, 20 and in some cases 25 different forms.

2. How did you start your clothing line?

I started in summer school at 9 years old, later went to special schools sewing, and little by little I started getting into the business until I started selling my line around the world in exclusive boutiques.

3. What was your motivation to be an entrepreneur?

I have always enjoyed fashion as a whole. All this simply happened because I do what I love. Which is to create garments for women.

4. Is this your first business?


5. If not, what were the others, and what happened to them.

I really owe all this to my mother who at the age of 9, took me to a summer class in sewing. All the rest is history.

6. What is a normal day for you?

Days never repeat themselves in my career. I can’t tell you which is a typical day, because I do not know. All I can say is that every day there are new challenges, dreams, different inspirations, happy customers, new colors to see, shapes and cuts to explore, models for dress rehearsal, coordinating photo shoots, show preparation around the world , drawings and more drawings, collecting trends, interviews, travel inspiration, selection of prints.

7. Who are your customers?

Buyers of exclusive boutiques around the world. Celebrities, actresses, and every woman who likes to look amazing!

8. What are the most important things you have done to grow your business?

Exhibiting my work constantly in the media, either through fashion photography, videos and fashion shows. As well as winning the award for best fashion designer in Miami Fashion Week 2007. Also worked as a designer for Victoria’s Secret in New York City. One of the things that has helped drive my career was when Kellogg Special K distributed my line of convertible dresses through a raffle 2000 throughout Latin America.

9. What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Designing new collections, and getting inspiration from my travels.

10. And the most frustrating parts?

That a project is canceled after having invested time and effort.

11. What is your next big challenge?

Designing a Plus Size clothing line that makes you feel amazing!

12. What is the worst business advice you’ve received?

I don’t remember.

13. What three tips would you offer to entrepreneurs that are starting today?

Constantly take risks as long as you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Trust in God
and be faithful to your talents.

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