The Pivot?

It’s funny how we humans assign different names to concepts that have existed for a long time. We coin new terms that embody old concepts. Take the concept of ‘The Pivot‘.

It’s become the new buzzword in Entrepreneurship circles thanks to Eric Ries and his Lean Startup concept:

Lean startup guru Eric Ries recommends that start-ups refine their business models through small tweaks—or pivots.

Truth is, Pivot is the same thing as the Observe and Orient in O.O.D.A.

Basically, you do something. You get feedback. And you act on that feedback. Sometimes the decision is made on-the-fly, other times it’s made after you’ve tried different things. You may decide to move in a different direction than before or tweak your existing approach. Whether this qualifies as a Pivot or not is really just a matter of wording.

If you’re practicing The Pivot, you’re just really being strategic.

What’s your take?

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