This is what status quo sounds like

According to congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., the iPad is killing jobs.

My god!

He’s basically suggesting we should go back to the pre-internet era, but completely forgets to mention that people of all ages now have access to wide education because of technology like computers and now the iPad.

He also doesn’t mention why schools are embracing the iPad. Maybe because he silently wishes they’d existed while he was in school?

First of all technology has been eliminating all kinds of jobs for centuries while at the same time creating new ones. It’s really depressing when people make arguments like this because it makes them look ignorant with a capital I.

Congressman Jackson Jr. is 46 years old, so he’s been around enough to have some perspective on this but it looks to me like the congressman just woke up from a 10 year coma.

I hear this in Mexico all the time.

Is this really the type of people we want running our country? Any country?

Appealing to people’s ignorance works in politics because you are taking sides with the majority, but it inhibits progress. Innovation is going to happen whether you want it or not.


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