The first business bet you should make: everything changes

Everything changes in our world all the time. One of the most fundamental mistakes we humans make is to assume that everything is static, but in fact everything changes all the time. New winners emerge, new platforms emerge, new technological ideas emerge.

It’s easy to look outside your window and assume that the weather is the only noticeable thing that changes day in and day out. It’s not. Much like we take for granted that the Earth’s crust is shifting beneath us, we don’t notice it until and Earthquake or Volcano erupts.

And so it is the same with everything else. We don’t notice a change in our world until it happens to us. There’s a reason why we say that assumption is the mother of all f**k ups. We assume things will always be the same.

Change is happening whether you like it or not, better get used to it too. Heck, your job description is changing as we speak. Also get used to the fact that change isn’t just happening in your domain of interest or industry, it’s happening everywhere else. Everything is connected to everything. Take a wide angle view of the world and look at where else change is happening.

Nothing will always be the same.


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