Innovation posts of the week: Finding the voice of the customer

In case you missed them here are this weeks best readings. And as always from innovation experts themselves 😉

Innovation — the New Two-way Play – Knowledge@Wharton

Using HR strategically for Innovation by @dscofield

Four Principles for Crafting Your Innovation Strategy – Technology Review

Finding the Voice of the Customer with Jose Briones via @brioneja

5 Steps to Success in Customer Innovation Programs – Outside Innovation

Innovation Ain’t So Easy Mr. President – Think Google, Not GE by @adam_hartung

Adoption barriers and other reasons innovative ideas fail by @ovoinnovation

Innovations Best Kept Secret by @mikemyatt

Why Are some Incremental Innovations Considered Game Changers? by @davidaaker

How 3M Gave Everyone Days Off and Created an Innovation Dynamo – Co.Design

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