Where change happens

“Individuals who get startled by the future weren’t paying attention.” – Gary Hamel

Change is the only constant. Knowing where, how and why it happens can mean the difference between being disrupted by a startup and staying relevant tomorrow.

Here are a few places where change happens:

  • The way we work.
  • The way we eat.
  • The way we move around the planet.
  • The way we build our homes.
  • The way we use and generate electricity.
  • The way we communicate.
  • The way we entertain ourselves.
  • The way we take care of our health.
  • The way we dress.
  • The way we get medically treated.
  • The way we learn.
  • The way we connect to other people.

But, still, we must remember that it’s not that hard to know what’s changing, it’s making sense of it that matters.

This is a not complete list, but I think it would be useful if we could build one. What do you think, where else does change happen?

UPDATE: Updated the list with Ralph Ohr’s suggestions in the comments.

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