Innovation. What gives?

innovation what gives


Spotted this a few minutes ago: #Innovation is rare. Proof: millions of cookbooks sold and read all with practically the same recipes. What gives?


What gives? Human nature.

Innovation is about people and whatever beliefs, habits and attitudes people have are the limiting factors that prevent them from adopting new viewpoints or ideas. Yes, but as : it requires that people have an open mind and that is an incredibly scarce resource.

My amigo Jonathan Amm from probably said it best when he described the work we do as psychology work because those of us who are innovation insurgents are really in the business of opening people’s minds, . As far as all the recipes in books go, I wouldn’t be surprised that 10 years from now we’re still be talking about because human nature is one itch most don’t like to scratch. Most don’t and can’t think for themselves and resort to copycatting, which is essential to human evolution but detrimental to an organizations ability to be innovative.

Another thing to consider is that until only recently has ‘innovation’ moved to other realms other than the traditional product and service innovation. Areas like management innovation which deals with how we organize people around work is very important, this is an area where I personally think organizations can make the biggest impact.

Yes, innovation IS rare but anyone has the potential to do it.


“Rules are what artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula.” -  Bill Bernbach