Where do new business concepts come from?

How did Apple come up with the idea of the iPod and later iPhone? How did Google come up with a way make money from their search engine?

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While there are enough books that can tell you the story of how it happened, they won’t tell you what happened inside the minds of the people or individual who came up with the idea.

While I was pondering this question I also to gauge people’s opinion, here’s the best answer I got:

New business concepts come from people. Those who have the ambition and where with all to discuss open topic issues with others, those who are willing to step outside the box of comfort and ask questions, research and try to think as if they are in the other persons shoes. Putting yourself “out there” and being focused at the same time while trying to figure out how your idea can benefit from your thoughts.

So where do new business concepts come from?

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The profound insight doesn’t come out of any strategic planning process nor does it come from some brainstorming session, it comes from a mix of individual desire, curiosity, ambition and need. But there also needs to be some foresight, a sense of where things might go.

Key Takeaway:

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New business concepts come out of a mix of unexpected problems, novel experiences, random conversations and newly discovered facts. The fact is .


Where do you think new business concepts come from?

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