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startup weekend tijuana team

8 Lessons from Startup Weekend Tijuana

startup weekend tijuana teamStartup Weekend Tijuana is in the books.

This past weekend was fast paced and intense. Exciting. Almost 50 participants, 25 ideas, 8 projects and 3 winners. Two of them left the event with seed capital.

Here are the projects:

  • WachaBache. A mobile application to crowdsource the reporting of streets that have holes and make driving a miserable experience.
  • Indueducation. A web service that offers leading indicators to help the government with academic decision making.
  • Eventum. A community for public social events.
  • Cruzas. A mobile application that shows indicators of when it is a good time to cross the border to San Diego.
  • Happy Birthday 2 me. A web service to help you organize your birthday and take advantage of local business offers.
  • Congresoplon. Monitoring the productivity of Congress and its participants.
  • Pimiento. Mobile app that suggests cooking recipes based on the ingredients that you have in your home.
  • Instapart. Find the auto part your are looking for in real-time.

And the winners were:

  1. Instapart
  2. Cruzas
  3. Eventum

Great job guys.