Innovation posts of the week: Don’t ask for too much change

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we just decided to go
Innovators take note –  don’t ask for too much change by @mwbiz The Anti-Innovation Disease by @dscofield The Secret Ingredient to Successful Innovation – HBR Absorb Emulate and Innovate by @chrisbrogan Companies Who Care Outperform All Others – Why? –  Fast Company Is It Knowledge, Creativity or Innovation? via @ralph_ohr #Gartnersym: innovating using business model analogies by @martinhowitt Innovating designed products and experiences by @ovoinnovation Design thinking and Open Innovation strategy by @jabaldaia What Happens When…

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Is innovation a matter of will?

Like people, organizations also lack the creativity and will to think beyond the obvious. It's not that they can't or won't, it just that they haven't decided to do so