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Build innovation into the core of your business


Imagine that your organization is an innovation powerhouse. Imagine that other companies adopt your strategies and not the other way around. Imagine that every single person in your organization is hailed as an innovator. Too good to be true right?

Not so.

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18 Year Old Virgin Author Rowan Gibson and Peter Skarzynski set out to jumpstart your innovation efforts in their book . Distilled from various examples of companies that ‘DO’ innovation, they present a blueprint that we can use and also ‘DO’ innovation. But before you set out to ‘DO’ innovation you want to start with creating the conditions to foster innovation, then develop the skills you need to innovate and then a process to bring it all together and produce new products and services. Innovation to the core shows you how!

Pragmatic is the key word to describe the contents of this book, written as a guide this is THE best book I’ve read on enterprise innovation and have recommended it more times than I can remember. I actually used the chapter on business model innovation to give a friend of mine a big picture view of his and brainstorm new approaches to compete.

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If you’re familiar with Gary Hamel’s work from Competing for the Future, Leading the Revolution and The Future of Management you’ll absolutely want to read Innovation to the Core. Most of those insights are presented here in such a simple way that any startup or lone entrepreneur, small business that wants to grow, the mid-size business and the corporate juggernauts can put to use.

It has a 5 star rating at Amazon and with good reasons. The people, the skills and the process it’s all here.

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