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Open Innovation for philanthropist’s

Thanks to twitter I’ve been able to connect with a few people in the innovation space and thanks to I was directed to an innovation marketplace for philanthropists.

Philoptima uses an open innovation platform to help grant makers, funders, donors, philanthropists, and seekers to have access to applied research and interventional best-methods for their work on any global community challenges such as environmental, education and health.

 The high levels of brainpower that can leveraged from open innovation efforts such as Philoptima’s can help philanthropists better define a problem they are trying to solve and then given that clustered brainpower increase the likelihood of coming up with a solution of higher impact.


Beerfest video Dune movie download are abundant now a days, crowdsourcing has been adopted as part of a businesses’ dominant strategy as they’ve seen the power that tapping so much brainpower can yield.

Open innovation is all about connecting with others to find and then create new ideas that have market changing potential.

The time is ripe for your business to engage in open innovation. With recession in full swing the opportunity to collaborate with others in finding and developing new ideas is a strategic move you should be considering a priority.