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The Jumpitz stage lifelong learning experiences for kids

The Young One dvd Godsend I’ve been consulting with The Jumpitz, a children’s entertainment group, for the last month and a half . While I don’t have kids of my own I do know that the Jumpitz present and innovative approach to teach preschool children about the world around them.

The Jumpitz stage an experience where the characters use music and dance to tell stories that children can easily relate to and therefore are easily inspired to learn. The characters with their distinct personalities represent the differences of world cultures  and provide the global perspective of learning that children need.
Here are a few reasons why if you’re a parent you want your kids to experience the Jumpitz:

  • Introduces diversity, including the diversity of the cast itself which allows kids to identify with a cast member or find one they can aspire to be like
  • Contains subtle, yet positive message
  • Keeps kid entertained, therefore engaged
  • Teaches kids about various traditions, customs, music and dance from around the world

Jump in and help your kids discover their world!

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