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A Halloween experience to remember

Halowen2003 005

Catch That Kid divx  

The Girl Next Door divx

Event Horizon dvdrip

Halloween is tomorrow. Are you ready?

This was my costume a few years back. The idea came from a wallpaper login I had of a green goblin with symbols in it’s face, I decided I wanted to replicate it but instead of having a green face I would use red.

My ex-girlfriend laughed at the idea and said she would create the masterpiece you see in the picture, she shaved my head (which is the only time I’ve ever done it!), painted my face red and drew the symbols in my head with her makeup.

T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. film

Material Girls move Driving was the most fun and I took full advantage of it by showing my tongue any chance I could at other drivers hahaha, feeling my skull for the first time was equally interesting.

Journal of a Contract Killer dvd

At the end we laughed a whole lot, I won a couple of contests and had a blast!

An American Haunting dvd

Zzyzx dvd

Have a Happy Halloween!