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Disruption in pricing: The effects of value based segmentation

Pepe PaezPepe Paez is a technologist with a deep enthusiasm for marketing strategy. With more than 10 years in the software development industry, he keeps a strong understanding of technology that goes where he goes and is part of his signature in new projects. Most recently, his interest and expertise revolves around Pricing Strategy and overall Strategic Marketing, where he tries to disrupt thinking by going back to basics.

He likes to spend his time between finding new things, being silly with his family and trying to actually enjoy a yoga class. You can find Pepe on Twitter, LinkedIn or email him directly pepe@obsidian.mx



Innovation, as a topic or theme, has been around long enough to become the hype, go into the grave, come back from the dead, and continue a cycle after another to make it a time-tested concept.

And, while innovation in pricing is somewhat common today, it certainly wasn’t in the past. Examples abound, but one category in particular perfectly exemplifies why innovation and disruption in pricing are important.