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How not to iterate yourself to innovation

new delicious

I’m a big fan of Delicious. Have been using it since 2006. And was glad when former YouTube Co-Founders bought it from Yahoo a few years ago to keep it alive. Thinking how these guys have built the #2 most visited website in the world, you would think they wouldn’t have any problems with their next project. How to buy YouTube subscribers and views the right way? YouTube channel owners are often on the search for ways to gain more views and subscribers for their videos and one tactic is to pay for them. Increasing engagement and making YouTube videos visible is not an easy task. Some Youtubers may ask themselves how to make this easier. Luckily, paying for subscribers is a good decision today. Many tools offer different options.

It hasn’t been an easy ride. They’ve changed quite a bit since then, and just as they did with YouTube, they’ve followed the same startup logic: Try something, see what happens, if it works do some more and if it doesn’t, fix it.

Yesterday, Delicious updated their website. Once again. And here’s what happened, once again: