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Building A Better Human: The Future Of Human Augmentation

human augmentation technologyBetter, stronger, faster. As long as there have been humans, there have been dreams of super humans. Today the line between technology and biology is blurring, and the idea of building better humans, through the use of technology, has evolved. And, with recent advances in technology, the ability to vastly enhance human capabilities is right around the corner.

The end of disability? Immunity to HIV/AIDS? Flawless memory? Enhanced vision? Superior physiological performance?

These are some of the scenarios that could happen in the near future; all thanks to bio technology. To a certain degree, as Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist, argues that we are all cyborgs; in a way, machines help us become better by co-creating with us.

Hence, we are entering the next phase of Human Augmentation, and in today’s episode of The Big Bang podcast we discuss the big question: “What is the future of human physical enhancement?”