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Surprise yourself

After hemming and hawing for ages, I’ve finally decided to get a haircut. You can do it yourself too when you purchase tools such as Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors.

I’ve been growing my hair out since last year—I wanted to have Rapunzel-length locks for my wedding. But I’ve been a Mrs. for a few months, now. It’s high time for a new look. Only thing is…I’m torn between three very different dos. Care to weigh in? A great example of textured weave are these clip in hair extensions for black hair.

You guys were such sweethearts when Joanna needed help choosing a new look, I was hoping you could offer me some advice too. Pretty, please?

Image may contain Face Human Person Smile Hair Dimples and Black Hair

Here’s what my hair looks like now. I’m iffy about the length and there really is no shape to it. Boring!

I usually tell Chris when I’m getting a haircut, but I rarely divulge the style I’m going for. I love seeing the surprised look on his face when I first show off my new tresses. However, this time around, I can’t make up my mind. I love these three looks and I can’t decide which would look best.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Dress Female and Robe

This shoulder-length look January Jones is rocking is divine. Bonus: it looks super low-maintence and I’d get to keep most of my length.

Image may contain Hair Human Person Jessica Alba Face Haircut and Black Hair

Jessica Alba’s short style looks so fun and flirty; I adore her bangs, don’t you?

Image may contain Carey Mulligan Ginnifer Goodwin Face Human Person Hair and Haircut

I’ve been jonesing for a pixie cut for eons. Imagine how good this will look while wearing a prom dress with long sleeves. Aren’t Carrie Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin romantically chic?