Virtual Reality Vs. Reality

virtual realityFinally, I’ve started a podcast! In this first episode my co-host Adrian Pedrin, Film Producer and Director, and I talk about virtual reality versus reality. In other words, what happens when people will prefer virtual experiences over reality?

Virtual reality has drawn a huge amount of investment in the past few years, generating about $13 billion in value from 234 companies.

What drove this surge of interest in virtual reality?

Virtual reality got a shot of progress in 2014 when Facebook acquired Oculus for $2.2 billion. We’re still at the beginning stages of VR becasue at this point it is still limited by freedom of movement, while a true virtual reality is something like Star Trek’s holodeck.

Though Oculus’ VR headset is being pushed in the gaming and film industry, it is important to begin envisioning what it will look like in the context of our daily lives. For example, it’s not a stretch to think that virtual worlds will be created by gaming and entertainment companies for us to play around in with our self-created avatars a la Second Life.

Most people spend lots of leisure time on online gaming sites like 벳엔드 먹튀 than on offline activities. So, to a certain degree, we’re already addicted to digital. Now imagine when we get the chance to create whatever our imagination desires at will?

VR is going to compete with reality.

Let’s discuss!

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