Is innovation really everybody’s job?

Is innovation really everybody's job?

A culture of innovation. That’s the Holy Grail, how do you get there? Everyone has their ideas and theories, and there is no shortage of examples that we can analyze over and over again. Yesterday, I wrote about the things that any organization can stop doing to open the door to innovation.

Being innovation-ready starts with people. And a common question that comes up is this: is innovation really everybody’s job?

That was a key question discussed in yesterday’s Innochat. Below are some of my thoughts, as well as from others, that I’d like to share with you:

Everyone should have permission to make things better, starting with them.

I have issues with the words “job” and “duty”. You can’t mandate innovation, you have to inspire it.

What drives innovation in any type or organization? Freedom, support and challenge.

Not everyone is cut out to be an innovator, but everyone can point out things that can be done better.

To create a culture of innovation, we should do our best to acknowledge and stop doing the things that kill innovation, and do the things that drive it.

Update: I responded to a post on HBR about this topic, innovation isn’t a job.