The Table of Strategic Elements: Visualize and Create New Strategies

Creativity is all about combining different ideas. It’s elements, its attributes. They can all be combined to create something new. Here’s something interesting, a basic table to visualize strategies:


Table of Strategic Elements

Created by Adobe’s Chief Strategist, Mark Randall, the “Table of Strategic Elements,” lets him analyze existing companies to identify new combinations. He has identified 14 “elements” ranging from bD, (big data), through Ga, (Gamification), to Ad, (advertising).

By combining “elements,” you can identify niches in the market and see who occupies them. For example, if you mix Lo (local) with Lc (location) and Ga (gamification) you get Foursquare. Or Ad (advertising) combined with Tr (transactions) and Lo (local) gives you … Groupon.

To the existing elements (categories), we can further add augmented reality (Ar), tracking (Tk), diy (Diy), publishing (Pb), artificial intelligence (Ai), crowdsourcing (Cs), movement (Mv), vision (Vs).

What would you add? What’s missing?

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UPDATE: Angela Dunn (@blogbrevity) adds peer-to-peer (Pp) to the categories (see comment). Thank you!

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