My innovator’s pledge

A few days ago Scott Anthony shared his in one of his recent talks:

  • Triple the time I spend with customers
  • Routinely ask "Why?" and "Why not?"
  • Strive to run an experiment a day
  • Always look for ways to learn more without spending money
  • Read a magazine in a field where I am a novice
  • Call up the most iconoclastic person I know and ask them to introduce me to the most iconoclastic person they know
  • Teach a friend three key lessons I learned today


I thought I’d add my own so here are mine:

  • Go to a Borders or B&N at least twice per week for one hour at a time and read as many magazines as possible.
  • Invite people from other industries to come work in your office at least once per week and do the same yourself.
  • Ask ‘what’ if?’
  • Practice mental training. See things as they are then change them in your head.
  • If you don’t know something, move before you feel ready. Follow your gut on how you would solve it with limited knowledge.
  • Have at least one or two side projects of your own on things that you’re passionate about.


Here a few I came up with, what’s in your innovator’s pledge?

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